March 9-13, 2015: Risk Assessment Workshop in Lyon, France

The Consortium met to conduct a risk assessment workshop to finalize the project. The risk assessment was based on studies conducted within the project compared with results from recent studies conducted outside the consortium. The 5-day workshop was hosted by IARC, and procedures outlined by the IARC Monographs Program on the evaluation of carcinogenic risks to humans were adapted and applied. External experts were involved in the evaluation.


September 8-9, 2014: Project Progress Meeting in Hannover, Germany

The Consortium met in Hannover to discuss project progress. The meeting was hosted by the Fraunhofer ITEM.



October 7-8, 2013: Project Progress Meeting in Salamanca, Spain

The ARIMMORA consortium and one member of the External Advisory Board, Prof. Yngve Hamnerius, met in Salamanca, Spain, to discuss the project progress. The meeting was hosted by the ARIMMORA partner CSIC (Agencia Estatal Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Cientificas) and took place at the Cancer Research Center of Salamanca.


April 22/23, 2013: Project Progress Meeting in Rehovot, Israel

A few impressions of the meeting:


Weizmann Institute Tour


View on Jerusalem


Men Section at King's David Tomb

Monte Verità 2012 - EMF Health Risk Research:  Lessons Learned and Recommendations for the Future – Seven Years Later

The second workshop on "EMF Health Risk Research: Lessons Learned and Recommendations for the Future" was held from October 21–26, 2012 on Monte Verità, Ascona, Southern Switzerland.

This workshop consisted of over 25 sessions and discussions on the effects of EMF on biological processes including cancer, genome stability, cellular communication, and neurodegenerative disease. More information on


February 13/14, 2012: Project progress meeting in Basel, Switzerland

The Consortium met in Basel to discuss project progress.


November 15, 2011: ARIMMORA kick-off meeting in Brussels, Belgium

The ARIMMORA consortium and the European Commission representative, Dr Tuomo Karjalainen met in Brussels to successfully kick-off the project.



October 1, 2011: Start of the ARIMMORA project


July 2011: Signature of Grant Agreement


February 25, 2011: Invitation to negotiate


November 16, 2011: Submission of the proposal


July 20, 2010: Publication of call

ENV.2011.1.2.2-2 Exposure to electro-magnetic fields (EMF): investigations of mechanisms to support risk assessment and reduce uncertainty